The Forum of Federations (FoF) was founded in 1999 following the First International Conference on Federalism in Mont Tremblant, Quebec. It is a non-governmental partnership organization registered as a charitable organization under the laws of Canada. The Forum works with established federal countries and newly-emerging federations. The Forum pursues its goals through the following processes:

  • Building international networks and fostering the exchange of experience on federal governance.
  • Enhancing mutual learning and understanding among practitioners of federalism.
  • Disseminating knowledge and technical advice of interest to existing federations and of benefit to countries seeking to introduce federal elements into their governance structures and constitutions.

The Forum organizes Development Assistance Programmes for even those developing countries having a federal set up, which may not be partners in the Forum. The Forum is funded by its 10 member countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ethiopia, Germany, India, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan and Switzerland. Some more states have evinced interest in joining the Forum.

India has benefited from participation in international conferences and workshops on various aspects of federalism organized by the Forum. India hosted the Fourth International Conference on Federalism in New Delhi on November 5-8, 2007.

India has been a partner / member of the FoF since 2005. Secretary, ISCS represents India on the Board of Directors of the FOF. The Framework Arrangement was first signed by GoI with FoF on 13.06.2005 with a membership / partnership annual contribution of US $ 50,000. The annual contribution has been enhanced to US $ 1, 00,000 from 2015-16. The objective of the Framework Arrangement is to create an international partnership that will support the Forum and the Partner Governments in improving Governance and enhancing democracy by promoting dialogue on the principles and practices of Federalism. The present Frame Work Arrangement with FOF has come to en end in March, 2018. Renewal of the Frame work Arrangement or otherwise is under consideration of the  government.

Forum of Federations